DIY- Reduce Your Trips to the Shop with These Simple Maintenance Tips

You have probably been advised to always maintain and service your bike if you want to get the best from it for a long time. But taking a bike to the repair shop every other weekend doesn’t sound like something anyone wants to do.

It might even feel dumb to some. I mean, it is not like a bike has a complex engine that requires computer checks, right? Right. This is why you do not have to make that trip to the shop for every minor hitch.

Maintain Like Nutrition

Just like you won’t require to go to visit the doctor often if you eat well, simple bike care avoids those annoying hitches that tempt you to ditch your bike. The major parts to check often are the tires, the brakes, and the drivetrain; simple ABC (Air, Brakes, Chain).

Learn the recommended pressure for your tires, and check and configure it often. Always check that your brakes are well-adjusted. The drivetrain should always be clean and lubricated. This is like the heart of your bike; even small items can significantly affect its performance.

Get a Tool Kit

To love cycling, you need to establish a connection with your bike. Part of simple maintenance is tightening the bolts and nuts, which often come loose, especially if you ride on rough terrain. At other times, you may need to adjust your seat height for a particular ride.

A tool kit will make you feel like a genius once you have that bike upside down. With the right tools, you will wonder why you ever let anyone else touch your bike. Always check the bike for worn-out parts and repair them in good time.

Do not try to be an expert at the very start. If anything seems confusing, contact an expert. Watch and learn as they do all fixes, and you will probably eliminate repair visits in six months!