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Vaping – A Safer Alternative for Australian Cyclists

Many Australian cyclists choose to vape as an alternative to smoking for different reasons. Although it is well-known that most elite cyclists smoke to calm their nerves, most of them are cognizant of the dangers posed by

Cycle Melbourne Laneways and Streets

Melbourne is known as the trendiest city in Australia. People from all around the world come to Melbourne, to experience the cafe lifestyle and hidden

Hobart: Cycle Mount Wellington

Part of Australia down south is the incredibly beautiful island state, Tasmania, which is indeed for those who want to experience a slower pace and to

Cycle Sydney Urban Landscape

Australia's most populated city Sydney is known iconically for its Opera House and Bridge, especially during New Year celebrations. Sydney is an excit

Cycle Brisbane River City

Brisbane is known as the capital city of Queensland, Australia. The city mostly has grown along its snake-like river, with a tropical climate to enjoy

Cycle Gold Coast Beaches

Australia is known for its windswept beaches which stretch out as far as the eyes can see. One of the most popular areas is in Queensland, just an hou