Vaping – A Safer Alternative for Australian Cyclists

Many Australian cyclists choose to vape as an alternative to smoking for different reasons. Although it is well-known that most elite cyclists smoke to calm their nerves, most of them are cognizant of the dangers posed by cigarette smoking.

Vaping and Cycling

For starters, smoking is not bad, but the toxins in cigarette smoke are. As such, cyclists who smoke are forced to turn to Disposable vapes online as a safer cigarette alternative. While vaping remains beneficial, it hasn’t been in the industry long enough, leaving us with anecdotal evidence.

Most accounts from elite cyclists who vape show that vaping improves cardio health, especially after quitting smoking. However, this should not be confused with the fact that vaping could be better than not. It is also worth noting that all people who vape ditch smoking altogether, but vaping reduces their reliance on smoking.

Vaping does not contain toxins present in cigarette smoke. So it is a better option for any cyclist.