The Most Cycling-Friendly Cities in the World

There are many cities around the world that are very dangerous for cyclists due to poor infrastructure and safety provisions. The conditions may include narrow bike lanes, poorly maintained roads, and a lot of traffic impossible for even the cyclist to manoeuvre. On the flip side, there are cities that are continuously making cycling easier. Here are some cities that have received accolades for promoting safe and enjoyable cycling:


This city in Norway removed at least 1000 car parks in 2017 to create more spaces for cyclists. They also banned vehicles from some parts of the city centre to reduce air pollution and promote bikes. Across the country, there have been red lanes for bikes being installed in every waking moment.


In the last two years, Bordeaux has been removing vehicles from the historic Pont de Pierre Bridge. This has led to a 20% increase in bike traffic. The city in France has a plan to continue removing car parking spaces and creating more spaces for bikes that are environmentally friendly.


Antwerp, a port city in Belgium, has become a global cycling hotspot. The city has slowed the speed limits to 30 kph. Between 2014 and 2018, movement around the streets using bikes increased by 95%.


Amsterdam city in the Netherlands has a very good infrastructure that facilitates the use of bikes. The city announced that by 2022 they would improve parking for bicycles as well as the infrastructure. One can only imagine how great this will be considering it is already among the best cycling cities globally.


This city in Denmark tops the list as the world’s greatest cycling city. 62% of the city’s population use bikes to commute to either work, school, or anywhere they are moving to. The city has a superhighway designed with a timed traffic light, safe junctions, and air pumps. In total, the Copenhagen populace cycles around 1.2 million kilometres every day.