Cycling in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a wonderfully warm and inviting part of Italy with its rustic charm. This place has been immortalised by the impressionist painters and renaissance artists such as Michelangelo and his sculpture of David. Tuscany’s natural landscape is located amongst rugged hills, mountains and deep blue oceans.

When to Cycle

The best time to make a tour on your bicycle is from April to May and September to October. The temperatures from June to August can get very hot and humid; heat exhaustion could get you into trouble.

Culture and History

Tuscany is one of the most historically rich parts of Italy. There is something genuinely charming about the warm people and their history going back over thousands of years of civilisation. The Italian Renaissance started here, making it the home to arts, sciences and trade.

Where to Cycle

Try a multiday tour, starting in the capital of Florence, riding towards Volterra. Then, on day two, head to Piombino and from here enjoy the seaside village. Start the day early and enjoy endless flat roads by the sea until you reach the climb to Scansano. Cycle through the wine region to Montepulciano the next day, and on to Siena; from here you can enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany.